Can DevicePilot integrate with my other business tools?

Businesses today are often built using several SaaS tools - so it's important they all work smoothly together

DevicePilot plays well with others:

  • DevicePilot works with any IoT platform: You can integrate your IoT data into DevicePilot from any IoT platform with at most one line of code (AWS-IoT, Azure IoT, G0ogle IoT or your own proprietary platform)
  • DevicePilot can be integrated with most other modern SaaS workflow products (anything that has a modern RESTful interface - which these days means most systems)
  • DevicePilot can generate "deep links" so that with one click you can move from a DevicePilot context (e.g. tracking down an operational problem with a single device) to the same context in another SaaS tool (e.g. finding the corresponding customer record in your customer-support or billing tool).

DevicePilot already has a number of integrations built-in (e.g. AWS-IoT, ZenDesk, Slack) and its universal WebHook integrations allow easy, no-code integration with most modern SaaSes. Contact us if you have a particular request.