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Can my colleagues and customers use DevicePilot too?

There is no per-user charge, and lots of ways that others can benefit

Some ways that your colleagues can benefit from using DevicePilot:

  1. Create a public dashboard in your foyer showing-off how many devices you've deployed, how that is growing, how well you are serving your customers. You could use a dedicated computer such as a Raspberry Pi for this.
  2. Create a dashboard for your weekly and monthly team reports - no more spending half a day pulling together historical data - use the live view instead
  3. Give Customer Support agents a login so they can check the vital statistics of a device during a support call.
  4. Give your Operations team a login so they can create proactive processes (including notifications) to spot and address problems before customers notice. This can include getting DevicePilot to automatically create tickets in a CRM when a device problem occurs.
  5. Give your CEO and Sales team access so that they can use DevicePilot to show off your device estate to new customers - so-called "vanity metrics" are a powerful tool, and the DevicePilot charts and maps look great.
  6. Give your CFO access so that she can keep track of whether billing is matching the reality of your device deployment.
  7. Give your installation and service teams access so that they can check device history, and proactively spot devices needing service.
  8. Your Product Manager can use DevicePilot to see how users are using your devices - to understand how to make the user experience better, and to predict churn
  9. Create KPIs and dashboards to show your enterprise customers how well you are meeting their SLAs - and then give them a DevicePilot login (filtered so they can only see their own devices).

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