Can't I just build it myself?

Historically, IoT companies have built their own in-house DIY tools for management, because they had to - but is that really such a good idea?

Even today some companies still try to follow the DIY approach – and we can provide plenty of testimonials that they usually regret it! In truth it’s not so much that they actively choose to build an operational management solution, it’s just that they don’t really think about it, so it happens bit-by-bit, by default. They start off doing everything manually, with for example developers logging-in to devices one-by-one to monitor and upgrade them. When that runs out of steam, developers start to hack together scripts to automate some of what they do. Then other people start asking for better access, so they hack on a web front-end.

And before anyone realises it, there’s a morass of hacked-together code right at the centre of their operations, getting between them and their customer. The more people you have, and the more devices, the more new questions need answering every day about the device estate. Whenever someone wants to know something new, they have to ask the developer to modify their script, then wait a week for it to gather data. That’s no way to do things in a modern company, because it results in a poor customer service, high cost-to-serve, and an inability to scale.

DevicePilot saves you from that situation from day 1. The experience of the DevicePilot team in managing large numbers of devices is encapsulated in the tool, letting anyone in your company ask any operational question and get an immediate answer – no coding required. It’s so simple, robust and good-looking that you can even let your customers use it too if you wish.