Can't see your data?

A troubleshooter to use if you cannot see devices or data you expect

If every page in the app is redirecting you to the Connections page, then there is no data at all in your DevicePilot account so see this guide for help getting data flowing into DevicePilot.

If you previously successfully ingested data, but now can't see the data you expect in the app, the guide below may help.

Is data still flowing into DevicePilot?

On the Dashboard top right you should see a sentence like "Updated just now" or "Updated 15 minutes ago" matching however-often you expect data to arrive. If it's much older than this, then something has gone wrong with your data ingestion so refer to the above guide.

Can't see an expected device on the View page

The View page is a good place to start your investigation, because if a device has ever existed (posted any data) then it will be listed in the View page, even if it is no-longer posting data.

  1. On the bar at the top of the View page:
    1. Ensure that the List widget is on (the leftmost of the line of little widgets is selected) so you can see a list of all the devices.
    2. Ensure that the filter box towards the left says "All Devices". If not, then click the X to remove the current filter.
    3. Ensure that the KPI box says "Choose a KPI to analyse". If not, then click the X to remove the current KPI. If a selected KPI contains a Scope, the View page will filter out all devices which don't match that Scope.
    4. Ensure that the text to the left of the magnifying glass at the top of the List icon says "Filter rows". If not, delete all the text that is there. 
    5. Check that the time period that you've chosen definitely encompasses the data that you're interested in
  2. Someone/something may have set the property ($hidden=true) on the device. There is currently no way to reset this via the app, you must POST a message to that device with ($hidden=false)

Missing devices or data on the Dashboard

  1. On the bar at the top of the Dashboard page:
    1. Ensure that the filter box says "All Devices". If not, then click the X to remove the current filter.
    2. Ensure that the time picker is set as you expect - to make it the default (so each widget reverts to its in-built time period) just click on the time picker and then click Clear. 
    3. If just one widget is wrong, drill down into its KPI definition by clicking the "chart" icon top right of the widget.

Missing devices in a KPI (e.g. a Dashboard widget)

  1. Drill down into the KPI definition (click the "chart" icon top right of the widget) and examine the Scope of the KPI. Drop down this menu and click the pencil icon to edit the filter definition - every time you change the definition it shows the number of devices which match, allowing you to explore why the expected device is being excluded.
  2. It may be that the device doesn't have any (matching) data in the time period you're exploring. A useful way to check the number of messages for each device for each time period is to create a new KPI where you COUNT $id and then e.g. group by $id and group by week. This works because there is guaranteed to be a $id property in every message, so it's simply counting messages. It will help you identify devices which have no data in the period you have selected for your KPI (e.g. last 24 hours, or whatever).


Still no joy? Ask for help by clicking the Chat icon, bottom left.