Why can't I access the Support Chat?

Certain web browsers and extensions block tracking, and with it our chat widget, meeting bookings and other personalised interactions

ChatA key part of our support process is our chat widget, but a number of customers have reported that it is not displayed for them. It should be in the bottom left corner, under the Knowledge Base link as shown on the left.

If it doesn't appear, the most likely cause is that your browser, or browser extension, is blocking it. We use Hubspot to deliver our chat, that is identified as a tracker by some blockers. 

We'll keep a list of known blockers here, but in general, they have a whitelist feature that allows you to add app.devicepilot.com to a list of sites that are trusted.


This extension blocks trackers by default as part of it's Site Privacy Protection feature. In order to enable the chat widget, you'll need to whitelist our site by sliding the toggle as shown below.


Microsoft Edge browser

Instructions for adjusting your Edge settings are here.