Connect to EMnify Data Streamer

EMnify, an IoT connectivity provider, offer a way to stream usage and event data from their stack.

EMnify offer the capability to stream usage and event data from their communications stack into DevicePilot. You can read more about that in this PDF. Here is how to set it up.

The process has two steps:

  1. Create a unique webhook URL in DevicePilot
  2. Setup the Data Stream using this URL in the EMnify Portal

Let's go through that in more detail.

In the Connections page in DevicePilot, click the EMnify button.

Click the Generate Webhook button and copy the URL using the little button.

Now open your EMnify portal.

Open the Data Streams section and click the + Add Data Stream button


Set the Data Stream Type to Usage Data & Events.

Set the API Type to RestAPI.

Click the settings button to add a new URL


Add a Purpose of your choice.

Paste the webhook URL from DevicePilot

Click the + Add URL button, and then OK, I'm done.

Back in the Add Data Stream dialog, select the new URL you've just added.

The Stream historic data will send up to 20 days of historical data - if you are setting up a new system then this won't be required.