Connect to Eurotech Everyware Cloud

Eurotech Everyware Cloud has a Routes feature that can send data to DevicePilot. Here's how to set it up.


eurotech.cea28273Eurotech's Everyware Cloud can be configured to send all data to DevicePilot. This uses Everyware Cloud's feature called REST Routes.

The process has two steps:

  1. Create a unique webhook URL in DevicePilot
  2. Setup the Route using this URL in the Everyware Cloud portal

Let's go through that in more detail.

In the Connections page in DevicePilot, click the Eurotech Everyware Cloud button.

Click the Generate Webhook button and copy the URL using the little button.

Now open your Eurotech Everyware Cloud.

To configure a new Route, go to the Routing section and Click Add

You will see the following dialog


Configure this dialog with you newly generated URL - note that you need to split it into two parts - the Rest Server Name, and then the specific bit in the Rest Topic Matching section.

Fill in all the other options as shown, and your data should start been sent to DevicePilot