Connect to AWS IoT Core

DevicePilot can connect directly to your AWS IoT instance. Here's how...

AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. AWS IoT can support billions of devices and trillions of messages, and can process and route those messages to AWS endpoints and to other devices reliably and securely.

DevicePilot can connect directly to the MQTT broker within AWS IoT to subscribe to changes to the the device "shadow" - the state of the device cached by AWS IoT.

1: AWS IoT endpoint

You can find it by clicking on the Settings menu from inside the AWS IoT console.


2: AWS Account number

The account number can be found on the top-right corner of your Support page, or in the ARN of any created Thing, Certificate, Policy (before :thing, :cert, or :policy in the ARN).


3: Policy

Create a Policy

You will need to create a Policy to allow DevicePilot to integrate with your AWS IoT data. DevicePilot only requires read-only access to all Things.

To create a Policy click on the Security menu item, followed by the Policies sub menu. From this page click the "Create" button in the top right.


Generate a Policy

A policy will be generated on the right side that gives us the appropriate access.

Click on the "Advanced mode" button in the "Add statements" section of the policy editor and copy the JSON object from the right into the code area.

This will give DevicePilot read-only access with no ability to edit or create data.

4: Secure data access

For DevicePilot to now read your data you will need to provide us with a certificate and private key.

Navigate to the Certificates page by clicking on the Security menu followed by the Certificates link.

Click on the Create button at the top right of the Certificates page, and then click AWS's recommended one-click certificate creation.

A certificate, public key and private key will now be created, which you should download now.


Ensure the certificate is activated by clicking the Activate button

Once active, you should attach the Policy that was created earlier by clicking the "Attach Policy" button in the bottom right corner and selecting the Policy.

Once you have added the keys, click the button below to create the connection. Your data will start streaming into DevicePilot once created.