Getting started with Dashboards

How to display your key metrics and KPIs

A dashboard in DevicePilot is a collection of widgets, each displaying a particular KPI or visualisation of your devices. Dashboards update autom


On the dashboard homepage, you can choose from the list of Dashboards, and apply a Filter.

The padlock icon will switch you into edit mode so you can create and edit your widgets. Once created, each widget can be resized and moved as you like - there is an underlying grid 6 columns wide, just to keep things nicely aligned.

Full screen/TV dashboards

The full screen icon will prepare the view for display on a permanent screen by removing all screen furniture. Note that you will probably also want to put your browser in full screen - some browsers have security features that prevent us from doing this for you reliably.



This creates a widget to display the results of a KPI. Since almost all the display options are defined in Cohort, there are few options to configure: Name, KPI and Time period.

Once displayed, you'll be able to interact with the KPI by drilling down to Cohort or View based on the selected data.


The map widget can be configured in the same way as the map view - you can setup filtering and colouring to display your devices, or use the KPI RAG colours to show a performance map.

Once your map is configured, you can lock its view using the padlock. This will disable the default behaviour of zooming out to the extent of the device estate.


The list widget shows a simple list of devices that meet a filter. In edit mode, you can choose the properties you want to display using the ... menu.

Floor plan

This widget is an alternative to the map where the background is supplied as an image file, and the devices overlayed. See Floorplan for more details.

Property pie chart

This is a simple pie chart that shows the distribution of values for a property. This is useful for things like firmware revision or a property that holds the active state of the device.