Demoing DevicePilot

Been given access to a demo account? Here are some things to try...

Note: Our process for inviting select customers to demo accounts is new, so please bear with us and contact your DevicePilot representative if you have any problems or questions. Remember that you may be sharing a demo account with other demo users, so don't be too surprised if things suddenly change. Any initial instructions to "connect your devices" can be ignored, because that's already been done for this demo account.

  1. Once you've successfully logged-in to DevicePilot you'll see a Dashboard in front of you. The account you're demoing has live data streaming into it from London's "Boris Bike" bike-sharing scheme.
  2. Explore the product.
  3. We hope this demo showed how DevicePilot makes visualising and managing your devices simple, elegant and robust. Now to explore with your own devices...
  • At the top right of any page, click the down arrow and choose "Switch Account"
  • Click "Create new account"

Questions? While using DevicePilot, ask for help by clicking the speech bubble (bottom right on every page). Or just use the search box above.