Is managing IoT really any different than managing anything else?

Could you just use existing tools that are designed for e.g. server or app management?

IoT has very different challenges from the kind of deployments that have been done in the past, such as servers, telco infrastructure or phone apps – which were typically homogenous, well-connected, high-power devices deployed into a controlled environment. In contrast, IoT devices are often diverse, poorly-connected, low-power devices deployed in the real world which is a messy and uncontrolled place. Often they don’t even have a “user” to interact with them to sort out problems. And the number of IoT devices is growing at around 35% per year, which compounds to about 10x per decade, so the sheer numbers become challenging.

All of this makes the task of managing connected devices much harder than anything that has been done before, which is why we created DevicePilot