How to create filters to limit views and KPI results

Filters are used to identify devices that meet certain conditions like HardwareRev = 1.1 or Temp > 22.

Once created, they are named and saved for reuse across DevicePilot.


The first place to use filters in in the View screen. You can open the filter list from the first drop list in the toolbar.

Click Create to start creating a new filter. A slide out from the right will appear with 3 steps to complete the filter


Choose a friendly name for this filter



You can filter by

  • Values of properties (i.e Temp > 22)
  • Time expressions (i.e. not seen for 30 minutes)

or by combinations of both.


For value filtering, you select the property, the operator and the value:


The list of operators is different depending on whether the property you selected is a number or a string.


DevicePilot keeps track of the last time data was received from the device, which is shown as the Last Seen property. With this, or any other time properties, you can filter devices that have or have not been heard from within a specified timeout period.


Advanced mode

This allows you to edit the underlying expression. If you have some coding experience, this does allow more powerful expressions to be written. DevicePilot uses JavaScript to evaluate, so the syntax is the same as can be sent to the JavaScript eval() function.

Writing advanced expressions should only be attempted by those with programing experience.


The preview shows you quickly how many devices out of your estate match the criteria. This is useful to confirm that the expression is valid, and that the result is as you expect.