How to format properties

Change how properties are displayed in lists, charts etc.

Data flowing into DevicePilot sometimes needs reformatting to display it in intuitive, human terms. To change how a property is shown, go to Settings/Properties and click the "Edit" button for the property you wish to change. Here you can change how it's shown:

  • Hide the property completely
  • Display it as a timestamp
  • Scale it: e.g. devices sometimes measure temperature to the nearest 1/10th of a degree, and then send that number as an integer. The display degrees properly, with one decimal point, just change the "format factor" to 0.1
  • Format it: e.g. if it's a cash value then maybe you want to put a currency symbol on it, and force it to always display two digits after the decimal points. This specification broadly follows the classic C "printf" formatting rules, so the above would be achieved with a format string of "$%0.00f".