Getting your data into DevicePilot

DevicePilot is an engine to turn your device data into insight, so how do we go about collecting that?

Either we subscribe to your data feed, or you POST the data to us.


The most common transport protocol in IoT is MQTT (unsurprising since this stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). MQTT systems have a broker - a server whose job it is to receive messages from the device and route them using a publish-subscribe pattern to interested parties.

The specifics of how DevicePilot registers as one of these interested parties (subscribes) are dependant on which MQTT broker you are using. We support the following:

If your broker or IoT Platform is not listed, then please fill in the form on the Connect Page to request a new integration.


DevicePilot has a simple REST API to receive data. On the Connect Page you'll see example code in Node.js, cURL and Python, but put simply, you need to POST some JSON with the device properties to

For a more complete description see Posting data to DevicePilot.