Connect to Hologram

Use Hologram's Routes feature to stream data to DevicePilot

Hologram is a cellular connectivity provider for the IoT. It's cloud platform has a feature called Routes, which enables it to send data to other cloud platforms, such as DevicePilot.

Here's how to set it up:


The Destination URL is our posting endpoint:

You also need to add an Authorisation of

TOKEN <<your_API_key>>

Your API key is available here:

For the Payload, DevicePilot expects a JSON string with a property of $id to indicate the unique id of the device. You can then map any other fields from your message.

If you message is already JSON, you can just pass the whole thing as:


In that case, you'll need to tell us which field is the unique id by using the URL:

That should stream any messages to DevicePilot.