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How do DevicePilot users interact?

Everyone in your company can benefit from using DevicePilot in one way or another

It's easy to add new users to your DevicePilot account - just go to Settings/Manage Users. You can decide what privileges the new user will have (lowest-privilege users can see things but not change them), and even constrain which devices they can see (so e.g. you could give your a customer access, but only to their own devices).

  • The View page is private to each user. So each user can configure it for their own purposes - which panes are visible, and the settings of each (e.g. which columns appear in a list, how maps are coloured, what properties appear on a timeline, what filters apply etc.)
  • Filters, KPIs and Dashboards are shared between all users, so that insights can be shared.
    • Though at the top of the dashboard, the Filter and Time selectors are personal to each user

Ideas for how your colleagues can benefit from using DevicePilot