Connect to Particle

This article will show how to use Particle's Webhook function to post updates to DevicePilot

Particle is a popular full-stack IoT platform that offers hardware, software and connectivity in one place. We actually use it here at DevicePilot for our IoT Sales Bell.

You can use its Webhook function to implement an integration to DevicePilot.

The integration is setup in the Particle Console, but first, you should take a note of your DevicePilot API key, which you can find here:

Once you have that, head over to

Click on New Integration, and choose the Webhook option


The URL for our endpoint is and you are going to POST a Custom Body

You'll also need to set three Advanced Settings


Under HTTP Headers

Authorisation: TOKEN DevicePilotAPIKey

Content-Type: application/json


Click save, and you should be all setup.