Connect to Google Cloud IoT Core

DevicePilot can connect directly to your Google Cloud IoT Core instance. Here's how...

DevicePilot can subscribe to your Google Cloud IoT Core to pick up all your device data.

From the DevicePilot start page, choose the Google Cloud IoT Core option.

Google uses a Service account key to validate the connection, so we will take you through the process of created on of these, and then show you how to supply it to DevicePilot.

To make this as easy as possible, we've used a feature in the Google Cloud Shell - a tutorial. This will walk you through the steps required.


Click the Open in Google Cloud Shell button - this should take you to your shell, and prompt you clone our onboarding script.


You should then see the screen below. Underneath "Run script", click the "Paste in Cloud Shell" to press enter.


The script will then take you through two questions: you need to select your project, and you need to select the topic we need to subscribe to.

When this is complete, click the link underneath the Run script box to open a window with your Service Account key in it.


Select the complete text of the the key and copy it.

Now, back in DevicePilot, paste the key in the box provided


Finally, click Create Connection and we'll do the wiring for you.