Connect to The Things Network server (TTN)

Use DevicePilot to easily visualise your TTN or private LoRa data via its MQTT broker

DevicePilot can connect directly to the MQTT broker which is part of your Handler/Network Server. You can read more about this here:

In order to connect, we need to do 3 things:

  1. Application ID
  2. Handler (or Network Server if using a private one)
  3. Access Key

All three of these are easily accessible in your Things Network application Console.

Application ID and Handler

To connect to your Things Network application DevicePilot needs the name of your application and the handler your application is registered to.

You can find these details in the Application Overview section of the Application Console.


Access Key

You will need to provide DevicePilot with an access key to give it secured access to your application

The default access key can be found in the Access Keys section of the Application Console.


Once these values have been entered, you'll be shown the connection screen showing the details of your MQTT subscription