How to delete data

Erase all the device data in your account and start again

When you first use DevicePilot you might have ingested some experimental/demo data, or change your mind about which device properties you want to have in DevicePilot, or their names. If so, then you'll be left with old devices or old properties which can clutter-up your account.

Delete all devices, history, properties

To "nuke" all your data and start afresh follow the instructions here (your account must have Admin privileges).

This will irretreviably delete all your device data, device history and all of DevicePilot's knowledge about device properties. It will not delete configuration information such as View page settings, Filters, KPIs or Dashboards - these will all spring to life again once you put in fresh data.

Delete Filters, KPIs & Dashboards

You can also delete individual Filters and KPIs and Dashboards from the Settings page (click "..." next to the item you want to delete).

You cannot

  • Selectively delete only some devices
  • Selectively delete only some properties
  • Selectively delete a time period

Contact us if you have a specific requirement.