Nothing is appearing on my maps!

DevicePilot can display the position of devices on a geographic map - so here are some tips to follow if you can't get anything to display

You can see Maps on both the View page (click on the second button in the row at the top) and on the Dashboard (unlock it by clicking the padlock, then Add Widget/Map). The following applies to both cases, if the map is empty.

DevicePilot can derive map location of your devices using one of three different types of property. The list below shows you what these are, and how to set up Maps to use them:

  1. Lat/Lon: If you already know the position of your devices, provide these as separate "longitude" and "latitude" device properties. If you've called them something else, no problem, just click the cog icon on the map to access its settings, and under Marker Location set the property name to use for longitude and latitude.
  2. Street address: If you know the street address where the device is installed, DevicePilot can resolve long/lat from that. Supply it as a string, including country - doesn't need to be a full address, just the end will do, e.g. the zipcode/postcode and country is sufficient in most cases e.g. "CB22 7NH, UK" or "CA 94040, USA". Click the cog icon on the map to access its settings, and under Marker Location click "Lookup address/ip" and choose the property containing the street address.
  3. IP address: If you know the IP address of the device, DevicePilot can resolve long/lat from that, although this is not always reliable. The process is exactly the same as 2) above - DevicePilot automagically works-out that it's seeing an IP address and does the Right Thing.

Not sure what properties you're providing? See how to check device properties.

Tip: DevicePilot can handle with devices that move, and even draw a pretty trail showing where they've been - just click on the watch icon to toggle history mode.

Still not seeing anything? If you're in the View page, make sure that the device(s) you've selected in the List widget do actually have location properties. If you're in the Dashboard, make sure that the "Scope" filter (top right in the map settings) does include some devices and that those devices have the right properties (you can check this by choosing that same filter in the View page and seeing if it lists any devices).