Querying data via our API

This article describes how to retrieve data from the DevicePilot API

DevicePilot KPI results can be access via our API for display in your own product and dashboards. To make this as simple for you as possible, we supply an npm library that handles the work for you

As you would expect, to install this  you simply use:

npm install devicepilot

You can see all the details, and example code on our npm page: https://www.npmjs.com/package/devicepilot.

You'll need two things to get the KPI

  1. An API token
    You can get this  from our tokens page: https://app.devicepilot.com/#/settings/tokens
  2. A KPI id
    You can get this by editing the KPI on the Cohort page, and taking the ID from the URL:KPI_ID

With these two, you can access KPI results using the package.