Connect to Azure IoT Hub

Connect to your Azure IoT Hub with no code - here's how...

DevicePilot can subscribe to your IoT hub to pick up all your device data.

From the DevicePilot start page, choose the Azure IoT Hub option.

The only piece of information we need is a Connection String. These are the steps to get this from the Azure

  1. Login to Azure portal and open your IoT Hub
  2. Navigate to Shared access policies
  3. Add a new one called DevicePilot and give it permission to ‘Service connect’
  4. Copy the allocated Connection string — primary key

Simply paste this into the box, and click Create Connection.

DevicePilot will now subscribe to the hub, and it may take a minute or two for the information to flow through. Once it has, it will invite you to visualise your data.