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View History Chart

A chart of the historical values of properties for the selected device.

The chart view is a time-series chart allowing you to visualise property values over time.



To zoom, click and drag a window on the chart canvas. To zoom back out again, double-click the canvas.

Adding multiple properties

Under the cogwheel icon you can add multiple properties to the chart. We combined all numeric properties into a single Y-axis on the left. String or enumerated types are placed on the right Y-axis, to prevent them from interfering with the numeric values.

Splitting properties


You can create multiple series for a property by splitting it on another property. This creates a chart series for each unique value of the split property.

This can be useful for creating different series for a telemetry measurement based on the state of the device (perhaps idle/active).

Toggling properties


You can use the chart legend to toggle properties on and off - simply click the legend entry. Double-clicking a legend entry switches off all others.