View List

Show a list of devices with their properties

The list view shows all your current devices, with a selection of properties. You can use the 3 dot menu to select the properties you want to display.



This menu will show all the properties for all your devices, and allow you to toggle their display in the list.

You can find properties more quickly by filtering them in the search box - just start typing and it will show you properties that match.


You can also export all visible properties to a CSV file for easy import into other systems or analysis with spreadsheet applications.


Clicking the search icon on the header bar of the list view enables you to do a quick search for devices where any of the displayed properties is a partial match for the search string.


Several other views are controlled by the device selected in the list. Clicking a device selects it, you can multi-select using Ctrl for selecting devices one-by-one, or Shift for selecting a range of devices.


All displayed columns can be used to sort the data by clicking on the column header. For instance, displaying Last Seen and then sorting by it, shows you the devices in order of the last communication from them.