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Visualising your data

How to use the View screens to start visualising the data from your devices

DevicePilot has a rich set of visualisation tools to help you understand your device data.


These are found in the View module. A number of views are available - they are listed below. Click on the link for more details about each view.


List A table showing all devices matching the current filter.


Map A map of all devices matching the current filter.


Details A table of all properties for the selected device(s).


History Table A table of the historical values of a properties for the selected device.


History Chart A chart of the historical values of a properties for the selected device.


Timeline A timeline of the performance of the selected device.


Log A view showing the raw message flow for the selected device.

Filtering data

The device estate can be filtered by any properties on the device. You can choose a filter from the drop list.


Filters are used to narrow down the list of devices shown - for more information see Filters. You can clear the filter by clicking the x that appears when you highlight the fields.

Time range


Certain views (History Table, History Chart and L0g) show data over a time period. The time range picker allows you to set this time range for all views.

KPI Analysis


To analyse device performance using a KPI, choose it here. This will add a column to the List with the value of the KPI for that device. It will also colour the Map pins with the KPI value.