What kind of data can DevicePilot ingest?

What type of data, and where does it come from

DevicePilot is an engine for understanding, monitoring and managing your connected devices. To do that, it can ingest different sources of data from your infrastructure:


This is the primary data source - the stream of sensor measurements from the IoT device, i.e. temperature, voltage. This might include less frequently changing data like firmware revision or settings.

This might come from an MQTT broker, such as AWS IoT, but you can also POST it to us. See Getting your data into DevicePilot for the specifics.


This is the static or slow changing descriptors of the device i.e. postcode, customer name. This data may or may not be reported by the device - often it's only stored in the cloud.

In most cases, customers POST metadata to us. You don't need to include it along with the telemetry, you can send it to us at regular intervals, perhaps daily, or you can send it to us when it changes. You just need to ensure the device ids are consistent, and we'll take care of the rest.

It's all just data

DevicePilot doesn't require that you treat Telemetry and Metadata differently: you can send them all together or separately - whatever is easier for you. And because DevicePilot is schemaless, you can ingest the data without configuring anything and make sense of it later.