What kinds of IoT analysis can DevicePilot do?

DevicePilot turns telemetry into insight

There are hundreds of ways that DevicePilot can analyse your device estate with just a few clicks:

  1. Do time-series analysis e.g. any math function on any device parameter, over time
  2. Filter according to device properties, including time-based criteria (e.g. "show me only devices installed in the last week", or "how many devices are still running v0.2 software?")
  3. Distributions (e.g. "battery level variation across devices")
  4. Measure overall performance of a device estate as a KPI, according to whatever definition of "working" you like, e.g. if we expect every device to send a heartbeat every hour, and to not be reporting any errors, then according to that definition the device estate uptime over the past week is 87%. And see how KPIs vary over time (trends), and how KPIs vary across different groups (e.g. by customer, by geography, by device time etc.)
  5. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of performance problems (e.g. how much of poor device performance is caused by poor signal strength?)
  6. Find the most/least active users, or devices
  7. Monitor a new software rollout to catch regressions early
  8. Draw a heatmap of the geographic distribution of certain devices, or as a set of pins coloured by a certain property

These kinds of analysis can then be presented using DevicePilot's various types of visualisation.