What kinds of IoT visualisation can DevicePilot do?

Ways you can display analysis results

Whether you're digging deep into one device's behaviour, or analysing KPIs, or building dashboards, you can easily configure DevicePilot to display its analysis in many different ways:

  1. Lists of devices (sortable, filterable, arrangeable, clickable)
  2. Tables of device properties, or events (ditto)
  3. Maps (with pins, or heatmaps, and trails, filtered and/or coloured by any device property or KPI)
  4. Time-series charts (zoomable, pannable, multi-series)
  5. X-Y charts (e.g. comparing two things, including density to show statistical relevance)
  6. Pie charts
  7. Numbers with traffic-lights (e.g. % uptime metric, with configurable red/amber/green points)

These types of visualisation can be applied to the many kinds of analysis that DevicePilot can do.